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Volli's upcoming flagship establishment, set to launch in July 2023, offers an innovative take on the traditional sports bar. Spanning a massive 24,000 square feet, the venue includes a spacious restaurant and sports bar with seating for up to 350 guests. The back bar is particularly impressive, boasting 24 taps and an open kitchen design that perfectly complements the venue's EAT PLAY DRINK theme. Across from the restaurant and sports bar lies the expansive gaming area, featuring four pickleball courts, as well as darts, cornhole, a lounge area, and three kinetic golf simulators. For those in need of a private space for corporate gatherings, private parties, or social events, the nearby meeting area is an ideal choice..

Hotel Theodore

Formerly known as The Roosevelt Hotel, a 20-story historic building that adds to the iconic downtown Seattle skyline. Rhodes Architecture consulted for  Cushing Terrell to create the architectural design.  The project also included the addition of an upscale restaurant and bar named Rider, featuring an open fish counter and an open-air grill for a unique dining experience. Faux skylights create a natural environment for visitors, and the exterior walk-up to the coffee shop invites urban pedestrians. The project was featured in Architectural Magazine in August 2019, with pictures taken by William P. Wright.
Larson VW

Larson VW was the third of VW’s flagship dealers to implement the new prototype drawings by Gensler.  Due to the design, there was very little interstitial space for structure and mechanical systems in this Modern design.  The structural design and integration were so well done that Volkswagen sent corporate management and design teams to see the implementation.  The service bays were also copied by VW as they were not part of the prototype building, with significant cost savings from utilizing metal building technology. The canopy shown has a gutter and downspout system hidden in the steel frame

NW Harley Davison

The NW Harley Davidson shop, located in Hawks Prairie along the I-5 corridor, has become a thriving culture and destination for Harley enthusiasts. The design includes three wedge-shaped glass storefronts high up on the building to catch the attention of passersby. Additionally, the integration of a small crane in the building allows for motorcycles to be displayed in a way that drivers can easily see them as they drive northbound right before the exit. To further enhance the experience, Scott designed a large canopy at the entrance so that bikes can be displayed outside all year round. An integral part of the culture is the Two Wheel Café, providing a social space for Harley enthusiasts to gather. 

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